Powered Wheelie Bin Trolleys

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Perfect for moving wheelie bins, our Powered Wheelie Bin Trolleys pack enough punch to move heavy loads with ease.It can easily navigate tight corners and can motor up inclinations of up to 5-degrees.These trolleys have a smart and robust design that ensures easy turning and manoeuvering.

Powered Wheelie Bin Trolleys increase productivity in the workplace. Their turning circle is simple to operate and it’s smooth when transporting wheelie bins. The user stays completely in front of load during operation, increasing safety and maximising forward vision.


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Additional Information

Powered Wheelie Bin Trolleys can easily transport up to three 240 litre wheelie bins and have been constructed to comply with relevant Australian Standards of safety. Their powered driveeasily carts heavy loadsand its tiller control system ensures操作员可以操纵电车desired destination. These units are ideal for operations where emptying of wheelie bins is quite frequent. They have already been employed in nursing homes, car parks, theme parks, hospitals, sporting complexes and warehousing facilities.

Technical Specifications and Data

These Trolleys have a smart design that allows for easy turning action. They require no additional add-ons (like powered tugs) as everything is built into the system

  • Moving up to three 240 litre wheelie bins, weighing up to 400 kg over a flat surface
  • Powered drive wheel carries loads over ramps with an inclination of up to 5 degrees
  • Tiller control keeps you in front of the load
  • Made and designed in Australia

Powered Wheelie Bin Trolleys provide a system to quickly, easily and safely bring waste bins to the one place for emptying. They ensure manual handling risks are reduced and Workplace Health and Safety processes are improved.

Have the powered tug and only need a trailer?

Check out ourWheelie Bin Transporter Trailer– a nifty designed trailer that can handle loads of up to 240 kg, per bin bay.

Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)

Powered wheelie bin transporter for 3 x 240litre bins


Powered wheelie bin transporter for 2 x 240litre bins


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